Built in tools and features to help accelerate your development process.


Syntax Highlighter

See your codes in color-coded view and live validation.


Realtime Autocomplete

Don't waste too much time, learn as you go.


Pack Generator

Create new packs with just a push of a button.


Powerful File Manager

All actions needed in one app.


Integrated Documentation

Search up component names, query, math functions all in one place.


Plugins system

Build up your most powerful tools to help you even more faster in development.

Made with CoreCoder

Addons and packs made with CoreCoder

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Many more to come!

Core Coder & Core Coder Studio are currently in active development and will receive new updates almost weekly! Join Our discord server to receive news updates, builds and to chat with our members directly.

Our developer team

Actively commiting their time to build the best tool possible.

- Hanprogramer Founder, Lead dev

- Skybird2333 Co-Lead dev.

- TMShader Developer.

- Jacoboioioi Developer.